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Fly Fishing


Colorado Fly Fishing at the Tarryall River Ranch

Fishermen will be in trout heaven at our Colorado dude ranch.

Whether a died-in-the-wool fly fisherman or a first-timer, you will find fishing to suit you. The gentle winding Tarryall River runs right through our front yard, and there are miles to fish. Just make a stop by our office and pick up some supplies, then head down towards the bridge and walk along the river to find a perfect spot. Our section of the Tarryall River has lots of great holes that attract brown and rainbow trout. The water level varies throughout the season but is usually shallow enough that you can wear waders or go without.

Not far upstream is the Tarryall Reservoir and not too far downstream is the famed “11 Mile Canyon” where the only thing better than the fishing is the scenery! You can spend half an hour or all-day. We have a great selection of fishing gear including spin-rods and fly rods that you can check out and use for the duration of your stay.

If you’re a first timer and would like to learn how to fly fish, we offer casting lessons on the lawn as well as outings with our fly fishing guide who can help you refine your skills out on the river.

Quality Fishing near Tarryall River Ranch


Tarryall River Ranch Fly Fishing Eleven Mile State Park

Anglers and writers consistently tout Eleven Mile’s large reservoir for its outstanding fishing. When not reeling in a trophy rainbow, brown, cutthroat, kokanee or pike, there are nearly five miles of scenic hiking and biking trails that await exploration.


Tarryall River Ranch Fly Fishing Tarryall Reservoir

From modest beginnings in the Park Range, Tarryall Creek turns into more of a river before joining its big brother, the South Platte.



Go fish, Colorado style! Use this guide to find out what fish  live where, fishing pressure, stocking details, driving directions and more!