Meet Your Colorado Dude Ranch Host!

Becky Atnip is the Tarryall River Guest Ranch host and stands behind a horse and saddle for picture.

Hi folks!  I'm Becky "Bex" Atnip. My wonderful staff and I will be your hosts at Tarryall this summer.

We want to make your vacation dreams come true, and my own story is exactly that.  I hail from Tennessee, but ever since I vacationed on a dude ranch when I was eight years old, my heart has been in Colorado. So as soon as I could after my freshman year of college, I headed west for my first summer wrangling at the very same guest ranch in central Colorado where we'd vacationed twice as a family.  That summer I became friends with wonderful cowboy singer Will Dudley, who suggested I work at another one of the ranches where he loves entertaining. I was in southern Colorado for six splendid summers while I finished college and coached for two years in Illinois and Tennessee.  After being included in their ranch family, and many friendships later, I decided it was time to start making my own ranch family and with their help, I came to Tarryall River Ranch.

With my own blend of southern warmth and western hospitality, I hope to make you feel like you are coming home when you drive through the archway at Tarryall.  I know what it's like to be a kid on a dude ranch, and I also know there's no better vacation on earth.

It rocked my world and changed my life, and I truly hope it does for y'all, too.