Children and Teenagers will love Tarryall River Ranch!

Not only are there wonderful horses and fun rides here at this Colorado guest ranch, but we also have a Petting Zoo, a unique jungle gym and a heated pool. Not to mention, there are glorious rocks that supply endless nooks, crannies and viewpoints. And, don’t forget the great fishing right on the ranch! Whatever they choose, your children will be creating lifetime memories.

Broncobusters (3-5 year olds), Rough Riders (6-11 year olds): While we do not intend to separate families in any way, we do offer two great, optional programs geared towards specific age groups: 3-5 year olds (Broncobusters) and 6-11 year olds (Rough Riders). Both have qualified counselors, and provide a great way for your child to enjoy the west.

A 3-5 year old (Broncobuster) feeding a horse an apple. Having fun connecting to nature with the kids' counselor at Tarryall River dude ranch.

Activities for the children include: Specialty rides (secret fort, gold mine, PB&J and more), rodeo practice, arena games, panning for gold, nature hikes, petting zoo, playground, game room, designing a ranch t-shirt, making a dream catcher, horsemanship, ranch rodeo and more!

 Kids love the evening family activities at our Colorado Dude Ranch such as the line dance night, hayrides and sing-a-longs. Also, the Petting Zoo (an assortment of small animals including goats, bunnies, etc.) remains ever popular among the children.

The Rough Riders have their own horse for the week and go out on trail-rides both with the kids’ group and their families. The Broncobusters enjoy pony rides on a reliable quiet horse to build their confidence and knowledge for when they are old enough to ride alone.

Teens: Kids 12 & older are welcome to participate in the teen program. The teen program is less structured than the kids programs, allowing for that much needed teen independence. And of course, teens are welcome to join in all adult rides and activities.

Activities include: specialty rides (gold mines, trotting and loping, bushwhacking and trailblazing), arena games, rodeo practice, game room, tubing on the river, bouldering, ranch rodeo, visiting a wolf preserve, 1000 ft. underground gold mine tour, hiking, team penning, Ranch Rodeo, and more!

Having these fun & optional programs is an opportunity for everyone to do their own thing and still spend the vacation as a family.