Horseback Riding at TRR

The riding program at Tarryall River Ranch is designed to accommodate all riding levels and allows you to experience extraordinary scenery within the Pike National Forest.  Here at TRR, we match you with a horse depending on your ability and age and provide thorough instruction to help ensure your ability to be confident and comfortable on the trails.

A variety of rides leave the ranch morning and afternoon.  You can choose from mosey rides to scenic locations or opt for more advanced rideGuests ride down the mountain at the Colorado dude ranch with gorgeous Tarryall mountains and blue sky in the background. with trotting and loping.  Whether you're a first-time rider, an experienced hand or something in between, we cater our instruction and rides to provide you with a great experience.

Your Experience on Horseback

On Monday morning we provide you with an orientation and an introduction to your horse.  After you're comfortable with your horse and have taken a mosey ride that morning, we begin Monday afternoon and throughout the rest of the week by breaking into a variety of riding groups based on your ability and interest.  Our wranglers are fantastic and will offer as much instruction as you need while you enjoy the gorgeous scenery from your horse's back.

Our Colorado dude ranch riding program is a lot of fun, and our wranglers keep things entertaining with good conversation, spectacular scenery, adventurous exploring and plenty of opportunities to ride side-by-side.  We also offer team penning and practice for the Ranch Rodeo.  Then, at the end of the week you can have a ball and show off the skills you've learned at our Guest Ranch Rodeo on Friday afternoon!