Colorado Dude Ranch Links(Organized based on distance from ranch)

Tarryall Reservoir-10 miles

"Tarryall Reservoir is a medium-sized lake in the northern part of South Park in Colorado. Tarryall Reservoir State Wildlife Area is a wildlife refuge for many different animals and migratory birds."

Florissant Fossil Beds-23 miles

"Beneath a grassy mountain valley in central Colorado lies one of the richest and most diverse fossil deposits in the world. Petrified redwood stumps up to 14 feet wide and thousands of detailed fossils of insects and plants reveal the story of a very different, prehistoric Colorado."

Eleven Mile State Park-27 miles

"Anglers and writers consistently tout Eleven Mile’s large reservoir for its outstanding fishing. When not reeling in a rainbow, brown, cutthroat, kokanee or pike, there are nearly five miles of scenic hiking and biking trails that await exploration.  Canoe the day away around the shores of the backcountry. Fish from the shore or a boat while enjoying scenic vistas. Camp comfortably in designated campsites located around the shoreline, nestled among trees in the backcountry, or tucked away in secluded canyon pockets and remote hillsides. Ideal wind conditions make Eleven Mile a popular but not overly crowded destination for sailing, windsurfing and winter ice boating on this wide-open reservoir. Motor boaters and kayakers also find plenty of room to play during the summer months.  Many species of birds reside in or migrate through the park, making for wonderful bird watching prospects. Neighboring park, Spinney Mountain, offers additional opportunities for birding and fishing. Waterfowl hunting chances for a wide variety of ducks are excellent and are available each fall!"

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center-28 miles

"After years of providing high quality, interactive, educational tours and programs regarding wolf and wildlife conservation, Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center now reaches approximately 40,000 people per year. It is important to educate people about the beautiful and majestic wolf, along with other misunderstood wild canids, and the importance of their roles in our ecosystems.

We not only offer public tours at our facility, but we conduct educational programs at schools throughout Colorado.  One of our Ambassador wolves accompanies us for a brief appearance during these programs in the hopes that we are able to turn an animal which has gained such a feared reputation, into one that is finally becoming more understood, admired, and respected."

Cripple Creek (gold mining town)-38 miles

"A visit to the World’s Greatest Gold Camp is a look into the past and an adventure in the present. The area’s rich and colorful history comes alive at museums and tours. The surrounding Pike National Forest offers outdoor enthusiasts many opportunities to get off the beaten path and enjoy the region’s natural wonders. Cripple Creek's Casinos provide today’s fortune-seekers with state-of-the art slot machines and a chance to try their skills at blackjack or poker. Shopping, dining and a restful night in the crisp mountain air will top off any visit here."

South Park City-46 miles

South Park City is a remarkable restoration of these early towns, preserving the history of our nation's frontier while it educates and entertains the present. Located in Fairplay, Colorado, the museum is an accurate representation of a mining town between 1860 and 1900. Thirty-four authentic buildings filled with over 60,000 artifacts portray most of the economic and social aspects of boomtown life. Seven of the buildings are on their original sites; the others have been moved from abandoned camps and ghost towns in South Park, a 900 square mile basin surrounded by Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains. The restored buildings contain period room settings and exhibits illustrating the professions, trades and industries that contributed to life in a nineteenth century Colorado mining town.

Pikes Peak Cog Railroad-49 miles

"Which is right, 14,110 feet or 14,115 feet?  The altitude of Pikes Peak has changed over the years many times. Initially, it was 14,109. With the addition of the Summit House Tower, it was increased to 14,147. Then it was changed to 14,110 which was official when the new Summit House was built in 1963. In 2002, Congress adopted the "National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1988" (14 years late...) No one actually measured each peak; the measurements were simply recalculated. So did they take into account that rocks were moved and mounded by various "realignments" like Pikes Peak highway improvements? Where was the "official" measurement taken? At one point, the National Forest Service declared they were "keeping" the old height (14,110).  You be the judge!"

Cave of the Winds-49 miles

"With two amazing Cave tours, daring attractions, family-friendly and kid-friendly activities atop breathtaking Williams Canyon; Cave of the Winds is the perfect home for Adventure! From morning to night, you’ll find Adventure right here — exploring and soaring on attractions that are anything but boring! You won’t have to look hard to find your next adventure — Adventure lives here!"

Garden of the Gods-53 miles

"Explore Colorado Springs' paradise in one magical stop. Garden of the Gods Park is a registered National Natural Landmark. Imagine dramatic views, 300' towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies. This world class Visitor & Nature Center is the most visited attraction in the region with a NEW, exciting, 14 minute, HD show: "How Did Those Red Rocks Get There?”. Delight in one of Colorado's most photographed views while eating in our glassed in cafe or from our terrace overlooking Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. Where else can you eat inside a postcard?"

Seven Falls-56 miles

"Once inside Seven Falls, you’ll be enveloped by cliffs and delighted by the cascade of water. The falls tumble 181 feet down the head of this box canyon, dancing from granite face to granite face in seven distinct leaps.  For those who want to dive into nature, 224 steps by the side of the falls lead to two hiking trails and the banks of the glistening stream that feeds the falls. Others might prefer a more leisurely experience. For them, browsing our shops, dining at the cafe and learning from our exhibits is sure to delight. Of course, the children can’t miss our traditional native American Indian dance performances (summer only)."

Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association

A Colorado cowboy once said, “You can rub out cow trails with highways, swap sagebrush for cities, and free grass for filling stations, but you can’t cure the west of bein’ “howdy country.” We would like to give you a big western “HOWDY” and invite you and your family to come on up to the Colorado Rockies for an unforgettable vacation at one of our CDGRA Association’s outstanding ranches.

Dude Ranch Association

Helping People Find Quality Dude Ranch and Guest Ranch Vacations Since 1926 – Imagine yourself taking the best vacation of your life at a dude ranch. The cool, fresh mountain air, the open spaces, the feel of a steady horse beneath you as you top the next rise… the flash of color from the dark pool as the monster trout rises to your offering…luxuriating in the warmth of the setting sun… shared time with family and friends.

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